Located in Scottsdale Arizona, Anil Vazirani and his team of advisors are constantly at work researching the best and safest products for their clients money. Anil believes that keeping client money safe is our #1 priority. Anil Vazirani, President and CEO of Secured Financial Solutions, believes that no one person can know everything so he surrounds himself and the other advisors in our firm with experts in the industry; like economist Ben Stein, or author of “The Great Depression Ahead” Harry Dent Jr. We are able to offer our clients many different views by some of the most brilliant and well respected people in the industry. With over 17 years in the industry, Anil Vazirani is very well respected and has been featured in Senior Market Advisor Magazine as well as having a radio show on MoneyRadio 1510 am. Please call us at 800.957.5604 ext 200 to set up a complimentary review of your portfolio.

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