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Post Release dated 10.17.2012

From the Office of Anil Vazirani
14301 North 87th St. #216
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

United States District of Arizona Judge James A. Teilborg rules in favor of Anil Vazirani in the case of Aviva USA Corporations vs. Anil Vazirani.  

In 2009 the world’s 6th largest insurance company, Aviva PLC, filed suit against Anil and his company, Secured Financial Solutions, LLC, in which it attempted to silence Anil’s critical First Amendment-protected speech about Aviva’s business practices.  After eighteen months of litigation, on October 2, 2012 Judge James A. Teilborg dismissed all of Aviva’s claims against Anil, finding that Anil’s “use of Aviva’s trademarks on the Website and in the domain names is not in connection with a sale of goods or services—it is in connection with the expression of [Defendants’] opinion about [Aviva’s] goods and services.”


Anil, who immigrated to the United States from Mumbai, India in 1990, states: “I’ve spent a very large sum of my own money in defense and it took quite a toll on me and my family.  Remember, I am a small business owner – not a mega corporation with the shareholders money to throw around.  As the case unfolded and the level of Aviva’s antics became clear, the monetary losses I was accruing didn’t matter any more.  It’s about principal – bullying (sloppily) a small business owner just because they can didn’t sit well with me, nor should it sit well with anyone.”   

David Bray, Primary Counsel to Anil comments: “in its lawsuit Aviva attempted to extract a price for the exercise of Anil’s First Amendment rights to criticize Aviva’s business practices.  That is not the America that I know and believe in.  Thankfully the Court agreed.  Anil is looking forward to finally be able to go back to his life.”

Anil has filed a motion to recover his legal fees to at least partially recoup losses sustained while dedicating himself to protecting his business and personal reputation.

For details about the case or additional information please contact David Bray, counsel for Secured Financial Solutions.

David G. Bray
Counsel, Secured Financial Solutions

Mariscal, Weeks, McIntyre & Friedlander, P.A.